Huwebes, Hulyo 11, 2013


One  friend of me told me something about Mang Kanor, at first I thought that's just a ''story'' and nothing's true about it until I searched it on facebook . I found a page with a title of ''Mang Kanor'' Lols. The primary photo is an old man who is smiling while showering Hmmmm..
Don't want to say BAD things about him because at that time Im still not sure whether the story is true or not until I get more curious about this story so I searched in google , facebook , and youtube , so at that time I've convinced myself  the STORY IS FREAKING REAL.

how 'bout you do you know or realize what I am saying about??
Okay let me give you a summary.

According to my researched LOLs.
Mang Kanor is actually a retired police officer who support a very beautiful lady named Jill Rose Mendoza, He pays her in a high prize to support her school expenses.
Yes, we know that this story is normal nowadays
but their 6 or 9  ? sex scandal leaks on the internet and it's popular .
Jill Rose is pretty looking girl with a petite body and looks innocent while Mang Kanor looks like just his grand father I'm really sad about this crap. And not just Jill is the victim here but also her sister and she also has a sex video with Mang Kanor .

Im sharing this, not because I want you to hate these people but because I want you to be aware what's happening in this world .

At first I want to hate Jill because of this but as time goes by you know I feel sorry for her she is just a victim here. I know that these days she suffers from bullying and through this blog I want to give my sympathy and to say '' Jill Rose be Strong!''

And to those who hates her . Are you perfect? oops?  HATERS GONNA HATE



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  1. R u still active here? I was sad also about her...

  2. actually i knew both of them,because i live in proximity with the two of them,they are actually neighbor in BLISS munti,...hindi pulis c mang kanor,...mabait na tao din cya,